The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion... The tunnel is the illusion

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Capital injection solutions to strengthen your trading ability

Driving Success
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Global Leader

Annexa is recognised as a global preferred strategic partner in the depletion of all excess inventories releasing working capital for onward investment

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To build sustainable long-term business relationships, by entering into risk sharing partnerships to solve your inventory and liquidity dilemmas

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Buying Power

Liquidations are a key factor. We buy stocks and companies. Annexa has the financial security and muscle to align and agree on any scale of inventory depletion

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Our commitment is to close positions within a 48 hour window. We are certain we will impress with our knowledge and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 50 years trading experience we are often asked...

Q. How do you see the global economy performing long term during recession, Brexit & Pandemic?
A. Interesting question indeed. I think! In business its sometimes a case of where angels fear to tread. The world is in a different place right now in terms of trade industry & commerce. “Normality” no longer exists.
Q. Do you expect things to get back to normal?
A. Absolutely. The Human race is very adaptable and extremely creative at times like these.
Q. Why do you think what you do is a necessity?
A. As buyers we put a lot of money into all kinds of businesses by way of buying their excess inventories the cash injection, we make gives them breathing space, in the vast majority of cases, which allows them to thrive once again / helping them to ride out the storm, so to speak "Big and small companies alike"
Q. What makes Annexa different from the rest of your competition?
A. My Dad, Henry Green. He taught me growing up to respect everybody rich and poor equally. The enduring message that echoes in eternity for me, is when he said. “Always leave a profit for the next man” that way you will always be successful my son.
Q. If you could give any advise to companies or individuals what would it be?
A. Deal only with “Annexa” of course!!

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Telephone: 01268 205335
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